If you haven’t listened to Mark Levin’s Interview on DomainSherpa, you should

Tonight I was driving for a little over an hour, and when I do this I usually either listen to a DNW Podcast or DomainSherpa. Tonight ended-up being a DomainSherpa night since I had the chance to meet Mark Levin (albeit very briefly) at NamesCon.


What I found really interesting about Mark is that he’s someone that really “got” domains long before he became a domain investor. Mark used domains to help grow his business which he built to the tune of over $5M in revenue and sold for millions of dollars only a few years down the road.

So what does Mark do once he becomes a millionaire? He decided to become a full-time domain investor. If you want to hear the full story you’ll have to listen to Michael Cyger’s interview with him. Somehow it ended-up literally spanning my entire drive and when I arrived at my hotel it ended almost at the exact second that I pulled up…who says everything doesn’t happen for a reason?


You can watch the video here or if you’re like me and you’re driving so can’t watch a video, you can download the audio version here, enjoy and make sure to thank Mark in the comment section on DomainSherpa.com if you enjoyed it!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton