launches a different kind of online strategy game


It’s no secret that startups have been all over .IO domains and today I spotted a new one that is currently trending on the wildly popular Y Combinator’s Hacker News. It’s called and like many .IO startups, it’s more developer-focused and this one has a twist I haven’t seen much before but we’ll likely see more of.

What I’m talking about is a game that you don’t actually play yourself, but instead you play with a bot you build, that can then play against other bots. These bots are hosted on’s bot server which you can check-out at Sounds geeky and dev-focused? Well it is and that’s why .IO is the perfect home for it.

No, I haven’t built a bot yet, and I probably won’t but if you have the dev chops and want to throw your hat in the ring (or, err, your bot) let me know how it goes. Either way it will be interesting to see how this develops and it’s definitely a new path for a video game that I think a lot of developers are going to dig. Given that it’s trending pretty nicely on YC Hacker News its clear many already are.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton