I took NameCheap’s new VPN service for a spin in Japan, next stop Portugal

About a month ago I went on a trip to Japan with my Dad. I wanted to make sure to have a VPN service ready to rock before I left. Over the years I’ve tried half a dozen different VPN services and I found two problems with most of the services that I try:

  1. They’re slow
  2. They don’t really allow you to use US services

Combine points #1 and #2 and well…some VPNs are actually useless. After almost two weeks of daily use I can tell you that the Namecheap VPN delivers, so I’m sticking with it for now and looking forward to using it in Portugal next week.

Of course, when something works you typically find it’s more expensive but in the case of Namecheap’s VPN service, they’re very competitive when it comes to price. Here’s a table that breaks it down:

You can use the Namecheap VPN on all of your devices – I’m running it on both my iPhone and my MacBook which is pretty handy.

Thanks to AT&T’s International plan, I just pay an extra $10/day and I can get exact same plan I have in the US, I have unlimited talk/text/data, which means I get the same when I’m traveling. Add in the NameCheap VPN and essentially I’m able to go anywhere in the world and still use my phone and computer just like I’m at home.

If you want to learn more about NameCheap’s VPN service you can read more about it here. Thanks NameCheap for making a VPN service that actually does what it’s supposed to do, and then some!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton