I have to say, Namecheap’s new Beast Mode tool is pretty amazing

A couple of weeks ago popular domain name registrar Namecheap released a new bulk domain search tool aptly named – Beast Mode. I’ve had the chance to play around with the new toll and I have to say, it rocks and it definitely raises the bar when it comes to bulk domain search and registration.

Here’s the key features of Beast Mode:

Quickly find hidden gems – By searching en masse and eliminating premium domains from search results, quickly find the best domains to purchase.

Blazingly FastBlast through keywords in one of the fastest search times available.

Unbelievable search limit – Search up to 5000 domains or keywords at once.

Collaborate on searches – ‘Share Search’ feature enables collaboration on searches wherever a team/company is based.

Get new ideas – Namecheap’s intuitive tool generates clever domain hacks, and provides a list of prefixes and suffixes to help domain investors and entrepreneurs think of new ideas.

Mobile friendly – Beast Mode was created to perform on both desktop and mobile.(Source – Namecheap)

And here’s what the UX looks like:

You can decide to either enter domain names directly into the search box as you can see above or click that little file icon to the right to upload a CSV file. They have some pretty slick options that I’ve never seen on a domain search tool before like “Use Domain Hacks” and “Drop Last Vowel” which can really help to refine a search.

If you haven’t tried Beast Mode out for yourself, you can check it out here. Hats off to Namecheap for building this tool, I know a lot of time and energy goes into programming the backend for something like this, and as any dev will tell you, it’s definitely non-trivial stuff here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton