How Uniregistry Can Put An End To Forgotten Domains

If you own more than a handful of domains there’s a good chance that they are spread across multiple registrars. As time goes by it is easy to lose track of where all your domains are registered and when each expires. Couple this with an old email address at one of your registrar accounts and a domain you spent good money on could slip through your fingers.


The problem is, how can you effectively keep track of domains across all the different registrars? In the past I have turned to my good friend Microsoft Excel, but that is an incredibly manual way of tracking things and let’s face it, human error can and will happen.

Enter Uniregistry, a domain registrar started by domain name expert Frank Schilling. Frank has seen this problem first-hand and is using technology to solve the problem. It’s called Domain Tracker and it’s a completely free service that allows you to see all of the domains you have, across all registrars, all in one place.

Domain Name Wire did a great article about this in early September when the feature was first released and I can tell you that it’s already been a very valuable service for me, and I didn’t have to pay a penny or go through some complex configuration process to get it going, it just works.

If Apple were to build a registrar I think they’d be hard pressed to make it as simple and easy-to-use as Uniregistry has done. The Domain Tracker is just another example of a feature that probably has a lot of complexity under-the-hood but requires nothing on the part of the user.

So if you’re looking for a way to get your domains organized once and for all, just know that Uniregistry has you covered!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton