From 9 to 30 – how Keen IO has managed to scale without losing touch with the team

I have written about Keen IO before, in case you missed some of my earlier posts about them, they are a fellow Techstars alum that recently raised 11.3M. As with most startups, as more money comes in, more people join the team. Most startups struggle to keep team cohesion as the team grows and startups grow fast, really fast.

Keen IO has gone from 9 people to 30 in less than a year and they’ve been able to do this while maintaining an incredibly strong team dynamic. There are a number of ways they do this but one of my favorite is a week-long getaway they do, which as they say is like going to sleepaway camp.


Two days ago Keen IO wrote a great post about this on their blog and it’s something I think every startup founder should read, especially as they are scaling their team. Hat’s off to Kyle and the Keen IO leadership team for making something like this happen, the team dynamic that results from this is what will make KeenIO a great company now, and an even better one every single year!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton