How Twitter is Changing the Domaining World

If you haven’t caught-onto the Twitter craze yet then it’s time to leave the cave and come play with the rest of the world. All joking aside, Twitter is making headlines everywhere. I was watching the news this morning and the reporter spent an entire five-minute segment just dedicated to Twitter – the interesting thing is – he failed to miss the main elements that give Twitter such incredible potential.

Elliot from wrote a nice piece on Twitter today. Chef Patrick did a nice video blog about Twitter last week. Let’s face it – Twitter is a brand-new concept to all of us but one we all know will change the Domaining world.

While Twitter was certainly alive and kicking in 2008 it wasn’t until this year that Domainers started to really put focus on it. I see Twitter changing the Domaining world not directly but through the changes it is making to the Internet community.

So what is it that Twitter is doing?

Twitter is turning the average Joe Internet user into a blogger. Blogging has been an intimidating prospect for the basic user that is still trying to master their day-to-day web surfing. Twitter has empowered a whole new group of people to begin blogging and updating the Internet community. This means more people actively adding their own content to the Internet.

I think this will have a profound affect on the Domaining industry that we are still most likely one to two years away from realizing. What Twitter is essentially doing along with helping the average web user become a blogger (or mini-blogger as that might be a bit more fitting) is helping this same user become a brand.

For us as Domainers we are already starting to integrate Twitter into our own brands. I am starting to create new Twitter accounts for each of the major websites I run. This is becoming a great way for us as Internet developers to communicate with our users – or potential customers.

While I have only begun to scratch the surface with what our company plans to do with Twitter I am already seeing an incredible response. I started the Twitter for this blog ( not too long ago and I already have over 800 followers. I am starting to notify my followers over Twitter every time I write a new blog post, develop a new domain, or come-up with a new idea.

Just think if for each Domain you developed you were able to use Twitter to create a following for your site and transform it into a brand. With more and more people using Twitter everyday it is already becoming one of the prominent communication mediums online. As a Domainer you should always be finding more ways to connect with your customer and encourage them to come back to your site. Twitter is a great way to keep in constant contact and easily create a dynamic brand that can change and grow while you walk down the street and update Twitter via your cellphone.

Let’s face it – the web is changing and Twitter is sure to be at the forefront of the new communication medium that is developing. We are all in an incredible place to use this tool to grow our businesses and innovate in new ways. This time each innovation will have to come in 140 character or less.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton