Building a Brand

I just watched a very inspirational video by Gary Vaynerchuk. If you don’t know who this guy is – don’t feel bad – he isn’t a player in the Domaining community – or is he?

Gary is a player in the Web 2.0 community and this is a world where every Domainer should be living. Gary has built a brand around Wine Library TV his video blog about wine. “Big Deal” you might say, “there are plenty of video bloggers out there.” Gary took his parents company from an under 10 million dollar business to a 50 million dollar business.

Ready to hear about branding. Prepare to be inspired – this video already has a few ideas circulating through my head. The great point that Gary makes in this video is this: “Don’t work 9-5 doing something you hate.” If you get home at six; spend the time from six to seven with the family – from seven until two in the morning – work on your brand.

This IS what it takes – and nobody said it would be easy. Watch the video and don’t stop seven minutes in – it’s not until the last two minutes that it all sinks in. Remember – any of you out there – whether is the first post you’ve read about Domaining or the millionth…whether you have failed twenty times or only once – this is 2009 – this is the year of “yes we can.” Go out and build your brand – and use this video for inspiration:

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton