How The Google Adword Keyword Tool Can Help ccTLD Investors

As a ccTLD investor I am always trying to determine what people in another country are searching for or typing-into their browsers. One of the first ccTLDs I ever registered was – this was also my first ccTLD to get a steady flow of type-in traffic.

My portfolio currently spans over twenty TLD’s with .com’s making-up less than 10% of my portfolio. I’m always happy to tell people – “I’m a BIG believer in ccTLD’s!”

As an SEO geek I thought I would share a quick tip that can help any ccTLD investor ensure they are buying domains that has good search traffic in their respective country. Remember – just because a certain term or phrase is popular in the U.S. doesn’t mean it is necessarily popular in Canada, Mexico, or Germany!

Did you know that when you use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool you can actually view search volume from specific countries in a specific language? That means if you found a .in that you think is going to be a hit in India – you can check the search volume first to see if it really is as popular as you think it is.

When you login to the Google Adword Keyword tool you will see the following text above the search box:

This means the the Local Search Results you are shown will be for people using Google in the United States and searching in English.

What if you want to search for a word or phrase in English but see the search volume in Australia? Or a Spanish word on Google in Mexico?

It’s easy to do but most people miss this little option that is a BIG deal when it comes to ccTLDs (or non-English .com’s!)

Just click the “Edit” link next to United States and you will then see a menu allowing you to pick a language and a country:

That’s it! It’s easy to do and if you’re buying ccTLDs this will be essential data to help drive your purchase decisions.

There are many more ways that I research my ccTLD investments but I wanted to cover this topic today as it is an important part of the process. Enjoy and happy ccTLDing!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton