Do You .MX?

This year there are four ccTLD’s I’m focusing my attention on – .in, .de, .mx, and I can share my reasons for each these choices in a future post but I’d like to focus on .MX for this post.

While Mexico does have a low broadband penetration rate of only 22% – it still has 34 million Internet users – that’s more Internet users than there are people in Canada! If you would buy a .ca domain there should be no reason that you shouldn’t consider .MX.

Let’s face it – things change over time. We know that over the next five years Internet penetration across the world will go-up and with this countries like Mexico, India, and many more.

The .MX market is just starting-out so it is still a bit early to know how the market will grow – but I think this is going to be BIG! With any new ccTLD market I like to focus on owning strong category-killer domains rather than longtails – if the TLD really takes-off I’d like to own some of the best domains.

I am still experimenting with the type-in traffic my domains are getting and will be reporting more on in the future. If I see any results like I have in India I expect to see a good level of type-in traffic on many of my .MX domains.

You can see a list of .MX Domain sales at – it is interesting to note that four out of the top five sales are English terms.

Now I’d like to hear from you? Do you like .MX? Feel free to share your top 3-4 ccTLD’s.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton