Domainers Hit The Beach For The Third Southern California Domainer Meet Up!

We had our third Southern California Domainer Meet Up this past Saturday in Laguna Beach, California. With a record turn-out of 34 people spanning across many different parts of Southern California this was our best Meet Up yet!

Breakfast in Laguna Beach

The Meet Up started at 7:00PM with an excellent presentation by Don Lyon from Moniker. If you weren’t able to make it to the meeting you can download the hand-out that Don provided to members. Of course I took plenty of video which I am editing now and should have on the blog later this week.

After Don spoke, Michael Castello from CCIN spoke to the group and shared some of his experiences and some excellent advice. Don’t worry – I have video of this as well!

Domainers were treated to an exceptional dinner thanks to the generous sponsorship of Moniker. I am absolutely blow-away by how supportive Moniker has been of our group. Craig Snyder, the GM of Moniker and Snapnames actually flew-out from Seattle just to attend the event! It’s great to see a company step-up like this and support local Domainers and I wanted to personally thank Don and Craig again for making the event such a success!

It didn’t take long for Domainers to erupt into conversation as we all shared ideas and “talked shop” as I like to say…except that our shop is the vast expanse that is the Internet! The event was held at K’ya Restaurant in Laguna Beach – the food was exceptional and the service went above and beyond – I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Laguna Beach!

There was an excellent range of experience-levels at the Meet Up from brand-new Domainers looking to learn more about the industry to experts that make their living from Domains. I’ve always been impressed at these Meet Up’s with how well people seem to get along – right away! Let’s face it – Domaining is a tiny niche – there aren’t even millions of us around the world – so when you meet another Domainer it always feels like there is an infinite amount of things to talk about!

For those of you that live in Southern California who did not attend this Meet Up we hope to see you at our next event! You can sign-up for the Meet Up at as well as our social network for all California Domainers.

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Thanks again to Don and Craig from Moniker for making this our best Meet Up yet!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton