How much will sell for?

I just found-out that and a bunch of other .CLUB names are going to auction on the popular Chinese domain marketplace I currently can’t say I know enough about numeric new gTLDs to know whether this would be a good investment or not, but I do know how popular numeric domain names are in China, which is probably why the auction is taking place there.


Some of the other domains in the auction are numeric .CLUB names like 55.CLUB, 99.CLUB and 13.CLUB. It’s a no reserve auction so it’s likely many of these names will sell but the one that I think will be the most interesting to watch is 8.CLUB.

It’s hard to guess what this will sell for but it’s fair to say it will go to a domain investor in China, and we all know that 8 is a very lucky number…so what do you think? What will 8.CLUB sell for?

You can see the full auction list here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton