How do you price your domains?


It’s something I’ve been trying to improve for years now, stripping emotional attachment out of the equation and focusing on ROI when it comes to domain pricing. Since I started in the domain name world I’ve tried to sell domains for at least 10x what I paid for them. Compare this to any other industry on the planet and those would be ridiculous expectations but as we all know, domains are different.

Here’s the challenge I always run into. There are plenty of domains I paid $100 – $200 for that I get inbounds on but quote at $2,500 – $7,500 based on the name. Every time I do this I think to myself, “am I just preventing a sale and a 10x ROI because I feel like I could get a better price for a domain?”

Since I’ve sold my fair share of domains for 20x or more ROI I do know it’s very possible, especially when you’re looking at domains that you bought for a few hundred dollars. Hand regs are the hardest for me since I’m not interested in selling a domain for $100 – $200, and I’ve sold hand regs for $5,000 in the past so I know what’s possible.

The question I always ask myself is, should I focus on making sure I hit a specific ROI goal or should I keep going down the path of evaluating the price of each name and trying to get what I think is fair market value for each?

How do you price your domains? Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton