How did sell for $50,000? And why do some people think it makes total sense?

Well this is confusing. Apparently the domain name sold for $50,000. I might be late to the party on this one but I’ve been traveling in Japan and not as plugged into domain news as I normally am. Today, when I finally sat down to play catch-up I read about the sale of for $50k and thought…that can’t be right.

I first read about this sale on Konstantinos’ blog (you can read the original post here) and like him, I’m also scratching my head wondering what happened.

One of Konstantinos’ readers made a strange comment that is also a head scratcher for me as well:

I went through the rest of the comments and can’t find any meaningful explanation for why would sell for this much. Sure – brandables can sell for more than chump change so I could see this selling for $10k or $15k and I might not think much of it.

At about $25k you start to lose me, above $35k I’m starting to pull my hair out trying to understand what’s going on…and at $50k, I write a whole freaking post about how this makes no sense.

So please, let’s throw the argument out the window that is a great brandable domain that’s worth $50,000 – that just isn’t true. I’ve heard some people use the example of I believe the company either hand-registered that domain or paid a very small sum for it. The domain was so bad, that they did end up buying, which is a much better name.

There are brandable domains that make sense and justify a $50k or higher price tag, and then there’s names like that don’t make any sense.

What do you think happened here? And please, don’t give me the example because that’s a bad one. I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton