Here’s an interesting way to quickly develop some of your domains

Right now I see two things happening with domain investors that happen to find themselves having a bit more time on their hands.

  1. Investors who don’t normally do outbound are starting to do it
  2. Investors who normally don’t develop domains are starting to do it

While my weekdays are completely packed running a software companies, my weekends have gone from spending time to friends and family to, spending more time on my computer. I’ve been taking awesome courses on MasterClass, amping up my Japanese studying, coding for fun (yes, coding can be a lot of fun!), and also doing some outbound and building out a domain or two.

I have written some articles lately about doing outbound sales on domains, if you missed them, here’s a couple recent ones:

Next week I should have an interview up with a new domain investor that’s been seeing some solid results after getting tips on outbound through DNAcademy.

Okay, but this post is about developing your domains, which, if you find yourself having a bit more weekend time, might be fun thing to play around with. That being said, most people hesitate to develop their domains because they think they need to learn how to code.


The days of websites only being built by developers are long, long gone. Now there are more no-code solutions for building slick-looking, mobile responsive websites than you can imagine.

Tonight I was doing a little Friday Happy Hour over FaceTime with a friend of mine and he said he’s been hearing good things about Webflow. Note, this is not an affiliate link so I could care less if you click it.

I started playing around with Webflow and was pretty impressed, they do make it incredibly easy to put together a solid-looking site that’s mobile-responsive and can incorporate some pretty fancy things that you’d normally need a developer to do. While I know HTML/CSS/Javascript, when I actually sit down to code you’ll usually find me doing geeky backend stuff in Python vs. building websites.

After spending about 15 minute with Webflow I was pretty impressed and decided to dedicate an hour to it this weekend to see if I could bang out a site on one of my domains. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Since I know a lot of other domain investors are here in quarantine sitting in front of their computers on the weekend, I thought I’d share this with you as well. Like I said earlier, now might not be a bad time to develop some of the names you’ve been itching to build out but have never had the time.

Okay, well it’s Friday night movie night over here so it’s time for me to go. Stay tuned for a future post where I show you what I whipped up in Webflow. Have any of you used Webflow before? If so I’d be interested to hear how you liked it and/or see what you’ve built with it.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton