Help Stranded Bido Users! Share Your 3 Favorite Places To Buy And Sell Domains!

I thought now would be a good time to take a poll of where you – my readers – buy and sell your domains. With Bido closing-down yesterday this quickly-expanding space became smaller and many Bido users will now be looking for a new solution for buying and selling their domains. My three favorite places to buy and sell domains are: Snapnames, Bido, and of course my registrars as I hand-register about 70% of what I buy. Below is a brief description of each service and what I like about it:

Snapnames is an excellent service that allows you to view both aftermarket domains as well as those for sale by other investors. I find that Snapnames usually has a great inventory of names and there are some incredible deals to be had if you take the time to really dig. The integration with Moniker is seamless making it unbelievably easy to both buy and sell domains using Snapnames – the hassle of getting domains stuck at other registrars disappears which makes the purchase process a breeze.

Even though Bido is gone it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include them in this post since I have bought a lot of domains through the service. Bido was an excellent system to use from the ground-up and made bidding on multiple domains easy. One of my favorite features Bido offered which was much more widely used when they were doing one domain a day was the expert commentary. Very interesting to hear different viewpoints on a domain and in the end I think it was a valuable resource for buyers.

Moniker and Go Daddy
Yes – I still hand-register most of my domains using either Moniker or Go Daddy – my two registrars of choice. You’ll usually find me registering .us, .info, .de, .in,, .mx, and many other extensions that many Domainers ignore…please continue to ignore as I still have many more domains to buy 🙂

Now it’s your turn!

Please share the services you use to buy and sell domains and feel free to share why as well. I know there are Bido users out their looking for a new solution and hopefully together we can all help point each other in the right direction! Of course it will also be fun to see what service is recommended the most 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton