Bido Throws In The Towel

Today is a sad day for me and many other Domainers who found-out that Bido will be closing-down starting tomorrow. As someone who uses this service daily I can say that this came as quite a shock to me and I’m already feeling the early symptoms of Bido-withdrawal.

I had the chance to spend time with both Sahar and Jarred at TRAFFIC and DOMAINfest this year and can say they are both outstanding people with incredible ambitions and the willingness to do something different. They are visionaries with dreams for revolutionizing the Domaining world and while Bido might be closing-down…something tells me this won’t be the last innovation we’ll see from these two.

I’ve had a long history with Bido since I was actually a beta-tester for the platform that came-before Bido – DNZoom.  DNZoom is a tool designed to help you manage your domains all in one place – even if they are located at different registrars. I started beta-testing for them back in 2008 which is where I first met Sean Stafford who is now running

DNZoom is another creative tool and Bido was an incredible idea, however as we all know, not all good ideas work-out. Every outstandingly successful person I’ve met has always told me that they failed over and over before finding their success – but it was not giving-up that allowed them to succeed in the end.

Sahar came to the United States with nothing and he built an empire. In fact many of you might not know that I was initially inspired to get-involved with Domaining because of Sahar’s Blog – It was back in the summer of 2007 and after reading a few of Sahar’s posts I was hooked – and my life has never been the same.

I want to thank both Sahar and Jarred for their incredible passion and drive to do something truly revolutionary. I will miss Bido but look forward to whatever future venture lies ahead!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton