Help me pick the first category for the “Best in Domaining” Awards

As I’ve said many times before, we have an amazing community in the Domaining world. While the industry sometimes gets a bad rap from the outside, anyone I know who has taken the time to get to know the movers and shakers better on the inside knows this is a special group.

From amazing founders, stellar developers, SEO gurus and business mavens, the domain investing world is full of bright and talented people.

Of course, we’re all also busy people and I think not enough time is spent celebrating the achievements of both companies and people within our industry. And the fun part about having a blog is that it’s a one person committee over here to get things approved and so I was excited to see I had unanimous approval when I asked if we could host our own awards, aptly called – Best in Domaining.

I’m still finalizing the category list and like most things I do, if you read my blog I’d love to hear your suggestions. Here’s the list I’ve come up with so far, I’d like to hear what categories you think I’m missing as well as which category you think I should start with.

  1. Best domain monetization company
  2. Best domain name registrar
  3. Best domain marketplace
  4. Best domain escrow service
  5. Best domain development solution
  6. Best domain SEO tool
  7. Best domain podcast
  8. Best domain blog
  9. Best domain broker
  10. Best domain tweeter (individual award)
  11. Best domain photographer (individual award)
  12. Best software developer (individual award)
  13. Best UX designer (individual award)
  14. Best account manager (individual award)
  15. Best industry evangelist (individual award)

There are a few steps I’m going to take to both make this a meaningful award. First – I’m going to actually verify each vote, I’m still looking at systems that do this but I am really going to do my best to make it hard to game the system. Second – I’m not going to allow votes from people who work for a company that is in that specific category, i.e. if you work for a domain escrow service, you can’t vote in that category. Third – I’ll be using as many channels as I can to get the word out to make sure there are a representative amount of votes before I crown a winner.

So what category should I start with?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton