Have You Seen The Next iPhone? How Gizmodo Bought Over 12 Million Visitors For $5,000

In case you missed it – Gizmodo hit the jackpot yesterday when it announced that it had Apple’s next generation iPhone in their possession. It seems that an Apple employee may have had a few too many drinks at the bar and left his super-secret prototype iPhone out in the open for someone to, er, steal and sell.

That’s right…for some reason theft in this case is okay. The person who found the phone sold it to Gizmodo for $5,000 who then published the article. If you want to read the story of exactly how the phone was lost – you can read it here.

So what have we learned here? It’s okay to steal something as long as you turn-around and sell it to a media outlet. So folks – it’s time to get ready to enjoy some five-finger discounts because it looks like company prototypes are now up for grabs! 🙂

It’s a crazy world we live in! Oh – and in the end the new iPhone really isn’t that exciting…but the story of how it was found and then released to the public is!

As an Apple-fanatic and Blogger I just had to share this story. While it doesn’t have anything to do with Domaining we can all appreciate what 12 million visitors in one day can mean to a business.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton