Are You Developing Your Domains? Why You Need More Than PPC To Really Make Money!

Let me take you back in time to 2008 – I was developing my domains like a maniac – for monetization I used PPC. My domains were making money and traffic was growing every day thanks to good SEO. By the end of the year I started to notice my revenue decline…but I was getting the same number of clicks. What was happening? PPC payouts dropped and they have never been the same.

It was at that moment that I realized that relying on PPC meant losing control of my revenue. Imagine working in the sales department for a company – you’re making $120,000/year and life is good, then suddenly out of the blue you start making $60,000/year. No conversation about your performance, no warning, just half the money – welcome to the world of PPC.

What I realized was a very important concept – monetizing my traffic through PPC was like selling my traffic for a wholesale price. At that moment I knew I had to branch-out and that decision has made my business what it is today.

I started experimenting with Affiliate Programs – trying different ads, changing the location and size of the ads, etc. I quickly found-out that my revenue was starting to climb back up and before I knew it over 50% of my revenue was coming from Affiliate Programs! In 2009 we shifted our focus from PPC to Affiliate Marketing, in 2010 I added Lead Generation to my legal, finance, and credit-related sites.

I am always looking for new ways to generate more revenue with my sites because I know that my traffic is more valuable to some people than to others. Using PPC I can sell my traffic at a wholesale price, with Affiliate Marketing I can sell the traffic at retail and with Lead Generation I can sell the traffic at a premium price!

So now, let me ask you – “Do you rely on PPC for your revenue?”

If you do then isn’t it time you stop selling your traffic wholesale? Expand your monetization options and get the revenue you deserve!

In case you can’t tell I’m pretty passionate about this topic. It changed my business and I can’t stress it enough so always want to keep this message strong on my blog. I look forward to bringing you coverage from more Domaining and Affiliate Marketing conferences!

As always my blog is an open forum, good or bad – share your opinion and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton