Great First Day At TRAFFIC 2012


Daina and I had an absolutely awesome first day at TRAFFIC yesterday and I am really glad that we decided to come early, it was well worth it! We spent the afternoon hanging out with some of the other people that came early like Michael and Judy Berkens, Adam Dicker, Michael Gilmour and more.

It was awesome to just spend time hanging out by the pool having drinks and talking domains. I realized this was my first time meeting Adam Dicker in person and I have to say he is an awesome guy with some truly awesome knowledge to share. We all talked domains, enjoyed some great drinks, and tried not to get a sunburn, which is a challenge for me!


One of the things I’ve always really appreciated about the domain industry is how welcoming everyone is to new people. A couple from Los Angeles arrived yesterday for their very first TRAFFIC show and were of course instantly welcomed to the group. I know that I always feel like I can learn from everyone and it is clear that everyone else feels the same way.

The great thing about Domaining is that no two people do exactly the same thing so there really is so much to learn from each other. We all have our specialties and techniques we’ve developed over time and there’s not better setting to share this than looking out at the ocean from the Ritz!


Last night a big group of us who were in town early went out to dinner which was very graciously covered by Adam Dicker. This was an awesome end to an incredible day. Now we are getting ready for a day out on the open ocean deep sea fishing, can’t wait!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton