Google’s new update is freaking out SEOs, what will it mean for your site?

Well look what happens when I unplug for four days in the wilderness, I come back and Google seems to have changed the Internet. Great.

The SEO world is buzzing about Google’s latest update and, well, so far it looks like the experts are a bit freaked out. I thought I’d highlight this tweet that sheds some humor on the whole situation:

Okay, so what happened you might ask? In short, Google made what might just be one of the biggest changes to its ranking algorithm in quite some time. As the update rolled-out some people thought Google was experiencing some kind of glitch given how much their rankings had changed. SERoundtable shared some of the more poignant comments about the update in their coverage of the Google update today. Here are some highlights:

When Google rolls out an update like this, there’s one thing you can be sure of – the rules of SEO are going to change. If you, like me, run a website that gets traffic from Google, it’s likely time to study up and learn how things have changed.

Of course, there’s no reason to panic since in many cases, you don’t yet know what end of the stick you’ll be getting, or if this update will impact you at all. While there’s no doubt some sites will be crushed by the update, others will see this as a huge win. Since the update went live just a few hours ago it’s too early to know what the long-term impact will be for all of us.

I know I’ll be reading SEO news more this week than I have in the past and as I learn more I’ll share it with all of you. One thing I am going to do is re-active my account so I can get rank tracking rocking and see how things pan out.

As you likely know, I’m not an SEO expert so don’t expect any sage advice from me, but I will do my best to report what I learn. If you are an SEO expert or know more about Google’s latest update feel free to drop some knowledge in the comment section below.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton