Good Read -> Seven Deadly Link Sins

I was just reading one of my favorite SEO blogs, Search Engine Land, when I came across an article that I thought you would all enjoy. The article is titled, Seven Deadly Link Sins. If you are too lazy to read an entire article I have listed a quick summary below – hey I know we’re all busy!!

  • Make sure you get your linking advice from trusted sources – focus on the search engine blog and well-known SEO news sites
  • Don’t forget to follow the basic tenants of SEO and don’t be scared to try the hard stuff too – the more you do the better-off will be!
  • Embrace video – it’s 2010, if you can’t take a video and put it online, drop everything and take the five minutes to learn 🙂
  • Good, unique content is still king
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton