Sells for $725,000

I just received the Sedo Weekly Sales list and am excited to see that sold for $725,000. This is one of the largest domain sales this year however surprisingly trails behind a ccTLD – and a .org domain –

Looking at the site it looks as if it was bought by the same company that owns which seems to be based on Australia. Since it looks like is running as a successful software sales site it makes sense that the company would try to do the same with Most likely we will see this evolve into an online software download and purchase site similar to CNET’s

There were some great ccTLD sales last week with an .se domain taking the top spot at $32,000 for sold for $20,000 GBP and sold for $19,000 putting a .tv domain in the top three ccTLD sales of last week! There were some great English .de sales with coming in at $3,570 Euros and for $2,200 Euros. This just goes to show that there is some nice liquidity in the lower-end of the .de market with one and two word English domains.

A few one-word .be sales are worth noting as well – sold for $6,100 Euros and sold for $4,250 Euros so if you have a one-word .be there are definitely buyers out there! Congrats to all the buyers and sellers – nice to see a strong six-figure sale as we head-into April!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton