Domaining SEO: TLD And Search

Have you ever thought of using the TLD as part of your domain’s keyword phrase? Most of us haven’t because “com” and “net” aren’t frequently used English words – instead they are simply extensions not commonly used words. I’m not saying .com’s, .net’s and .org’s don’t rank well – I am specifically talking about using the TLD itself as part of your keyword phrase. What if I told you that I know of an extension that allows you to Geo-Target an entire region AND use the TLD as part of a search string? That extension is .Asia!

Asia is a huge region and with it comes more Internet users than North America and England combined with plenty of search volume for words followed by the word “Asia”. Just think – if I live in Los Angeles (which I do!) you would expect that reasonably frequently the words “los angeles” would appear in my searches – the same is true for Asia. Plenty of people are looking for flights to Asia, hotels in Asia, Asia vacations, etc.

Most people don’t think of using a TLD in their SEO strategy – if my company was called “Morgan Com” then I could use the TLD as part of my SEO strategy – and in fact .info is a useful TLD for this since you can end-up with domains like or which could rank well for “housing info” and “hotel info”.

So what’s the big deal here? If you want to make a site about Asia, having a .Asia domain gives you a big advantage not just for branding but in search ranking since Google can use the TLD itself as part of the search string. Want some examples? Do a search for any of the following and you will see the .Asia domains at the top of Google:

“media asia” –
“ing asia” –
“film awards asia” –
“play cricket asia” –

So if you want to target Asia online you can think beyond the keywords in your domain and use the TLD itself as part of your SEO strategy. As more and more people in Asia come online this keyword will become increasingly popular and .Asia the best extension for Domainers looking to own a brand in Asia!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton