Go Daddy’s NameFind just sold NH.com

Today on Twitter James Iles seems to have broken the news that Go Daddy’s NameFind looks to have sold a very premium 2L .COM domain – NH.com. Here’s the Tweet that broke the news (to me at least):

I looked on NameBio to see if there was a chance the sale price was listed there but no dice. The highest listed sale of a NH.something domain name is NH.net which sold for $7,500 back in 2004 which seems like a steal of a deal. Funny enough, the second-highest NH.something sale on NameBio is NH.gg which sold for $4,000 back in 2016. I was expecting to see a gaming/eSports-related site on NH.gg but it’s currently for sale with a DAN.com lander.

My guess is NH.com sold for a solid six-figure sum, probably north of $500k if my crystal ball is still working properly. NH.com was originally registered back in March of 1995, ah the days where you could hand register a 2L .COM.

My guess is the details of this sale will remain under NDA but if anyone knows more than I do please feel free to share below. I’ll be interested to see  what happens with this domain. What do you think NH.com sold for? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton