wins Techcrunch Disrupt Berlin, will they change domain names in the near-future?


(Image Source – Techcrunch)

I see it happen all the time, a startup wants to call themselves “something” and when they find the .COM is taken and too expensive they end up branding around “” or “” or in this case,

The company is called “Legacy” but is currently used by a site dedicated to helping people’s life stories live on. In this case, it’s safe to say that Legacy, the company who won Disrupt, will likely never land the .COM since it’s being used by an active business, now the question is – will they go for the .ME, .CO, .IO, or another popular non .COM alternative.

There’s no doubt that a company sounds like less of an authority (from a branding perspective) if they don’t own a domain name that exactly matches their brand. At the same time, at a very early stage, when your focus should really be product and customers, Legacy has shown that the domain hasn’t made much of a difference…yet.

My guess is that, now that Legacy is in the limelight they’ll likely move to Legacy.something, and with so many new gTLDs out there the sky really is the limit. The question is, what will they choose and why? Personally I think makes a lot of sense, what do you think?

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton