.GG has become a go-to domain extension for eSports

A relatively unknown ccTLD, .GG has become a go-to domain name extension in the eSports world. Why you ask? Well in the gaming world “GG” is one of the most used abbreviations and it stands for “Good Game.” As eSports has grown dramatically over the last few years, so has interest in .GG which honestly I hadn’t heard of myself until last year.

I stumbled across .GG as I started to get into eSports and began following a few of the top teams. One of my favorite teams is Evil Geniuses who have competed in 685 tournaments and brought in over $16M. Yes, that’s right, everyone on the team is a millionaire thanks to gaming, and their site – EvilGeniuses.gg.


Evil Geniuses has a pretty interesting history, if you’re interested in a good book that does a deeper dive into them and the rise of eSports in general I highly recommend – Good Luck and Have Fun. Along with Evil Geniuses, my second favorite team is Cloud9 and, yes, you guessed it – their site is located on Cloud9.gg.


And the list goes on, many of the top eSports teams have picked .GG as the primary domain extension to brand around. In some cases, team opt for shorter names since a lot more options are available in the .GG space. One example is Team OG, another awesome DOTA 2 team with a major sponsorship from Red Bull, they’ve decided to put their site on ogs.GG.


Like many other niche ccTLDs you can’t buy .GG on a mainstream registrar like Go Daddy. When it comes to ccTLDs I have sworn by 101Domain.com, along with the largest selection of ccTLDs out of any registrar (last time I checked at least!) they also tend to have the best pricing and the best security and backend system. Currently .GG domains are priced a $129.99 which might sound expensive for a registration fee but when you compare it to the money any of these teams would have to pay for the .COM of their name, it’s a small fraction of the price.

In the eSports world, branding on a .GG is actually seen as a bit more hip and cool than .COM so many of these teams and tournaments aren’t making a push to get their .COM and likely won’t anytime soon. As many of you know, I still think .COM is without a doubt the best investment grade domain name out there, but in the eSports world at the moment .GG is king.

Now that being said, I wouldn’t want anyone to read this article and assume that I’m suggesting that you go out and buy a bunch of .GG domains. Still it’s hard to ignore a domain name extension that is being adopted by one of the fastest growing industries in the world. I don’t own a single .GG domain yet but I’m interested to know if any of my readers have invested in this extension, and if so, what the experience has been like so far.

I want to hear from you – comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton