Countdown to NamesCon 2018 – Three Sessions That Caught My Eye


NamesCon kicks off in Las Vegas in a few weeks and having been to every NamesCon so far I can tell you that this year looks like it’s going to be the best year ever. Okay, I know that’s cheesy to say, and yes I feel a bit like Chris Harrison from the Bachelor when he says things like, “the most explosive season of the Bachelor yet!” But in this case I mean it because just looking at the agenda it is clear that there really is something for everyone at NamesCon this year.

What I’ve always enjoyed about NamesCon is the diversity of content and topics that they cover. While there is of course lots of great content for domain investors, there’s also great content for developers, marketers, bloggers, and even crypto geeks like me.

Of course I’ve always found that I get the most value from these conferences from the conversations I have over dinner or a beer. Conferences are great for learning new things and I always encourage people to attend talks that interest them, but I also don’t suggest spending your whole day in talks since you’ll miss out on networking, in short – like most things in life, it’s all about balance.

That being said, I always like to go to a few talks and so I’ve put together my personal top three that I plan to go to this year. Here they are:

DNS, Digital Identity and Blockchain: Ensuring Compliance and Risk Management
Tim Favia, SVP Corporate Development at Donuts will chat with Justin Newton, Founder & CEO of Netki, regarding Netki’s novel leverage of the DNS for Blockchain identity. The two will discuss Donuts.Ventures and its investments in DNS innovation, as well as how Netki’s Digital ID and Wallet Names make blockchains safe and compliant for a broad range of business and personal use cases. (Monday, January 29th, 12:00PM – 12:45PM, .COM/.NET Keynote Hall)

The Effects of Cryptocurrency on Domain Trading
There is no description on the NamesCon agenda yet but the session will be run by Jackson Elsegood from I think this is without a doubt one of the hottest topics in the domain investing world. There’s no denying that the recent growth in the crypto space is impacting the domain name world, however I’m a strong believer that times like these pave way for even better opportunities. (Monday, January 29th, 3:00PM – 3:45PM, .COM/.NET Keynote Hall)

What the Blockchain?
I’m particularly excited about this session because it features Haseeb Rabbani from Blockgeeks which is one of the top sites for learning more about Blockchain. Here’s the description of the talk – Attendees can look forward to demystifying what blockchain is. There is lots of hype, some well-intentioned and otherwise, that prevents people from grasping what blockchain really is and what decentralization can do for them. Monday, January 29th, 4:00PM – 4:45PM, .COM/.NET Keynote Hall)

As always I’d love to hear from you, feel free to share some of the sessions you’re excited about. Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton