Getting ready to launch a mirror of my blog on a Handshake domain

One of the things I’ve been eager to do is see what’s involved in putting something useful on a Handshake domain. @handshakejesus was nice enough to gift me morganlinton/ so I decided, why not mirror my blog?

Which then led me to the question – how the heck do you setup a WordPress site on a Handshake name?

Luckily, when I was talking with @NamesakeMark this week, he mentioned that he had actually written a blog post all about getting WordPress up and running on a Handshake domain.

It looks like the magic behind doing this is all done by Kinsta, a WordPress hosting solution that offers blockchain DNS options…which I honestly didn’t know was a thing until this week.

My current plan is to keep things simple and just copy my current blog over to my Handshake name, morganlinton/, and then probably just write a little script that moves stuff over from the .COM to the Handshake domain. If anyone already has a script like this written, or knows of one, feel free to let me know and I can maybe save a few hours there!

I’m sure I’ll run into some bumps along the way and I’ll happily share those bumps, and the solutions to them, with all of you. It will be interesting to start diving in and doing something with a Handshake name and it feels like, if I’m going to start somewhere, morganlinton/ is a good place to start.

Stay tuned, more learning ahead! Oh, and if you have any tips when it comes to running WordPress on a Handshake domain – definitely let me know.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton