Get to know me better on the Digital Fortune podcast this week

Josh Reason and Morgan Linton

One of my favorite podcasts these days is the Digital Fortune podcast hosted by Josh Reason. What I really appreciate about Josh’s podcast is his interest in going deep with his guests and sharing information that I often hear first on his podcast. Couple that with Josh’s good eye for domains and passion for contributing to the community and it’s safe to say I’m a pretty big Josh fan!

So I was honored when Josh asked me to be on his podcast, said yes, and this morning, coffee in hand, we recorded the episode. Since I’m a huge geek I also recorded a little video of the first minute if you want to go beyond the audio for a minute…

Okay, I bet you’re now thinking, why did I just watch that video, that was boring? Well not to worry, the podcast itself is a lot more interesting, or at least I hope it is! On the podcast we do a deeper dive into:

  • My time at Sonos in the early days
  • Wasting $30,000 on domains that I ended up dropping
  • Starting Bold Metrics
  • Investing in .IO before it was cool
  • My favor color, least favorite food, and go-to beard oil

Okay, maybe not that last bullet point, but the rest is in there and whole lot more. So if you’ve been reading my blog and think either, “this Morgan guy seems interesting, let’s learn more!” or “this Morgan guy is annoying, let’s find things we can tease him about!” You’ll be a happy camper either way.

Listen to “Digital Fortune #8 – Morgan Linton” on Spreaker.

Huge thanks for Josh for having me on the podcast, it was a very cool experience to be on a podcast that I myself listen to and enjoy! 🕺

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton