just sold for $25,000 making it the highest reported .UK domain sale to-date

Now I didn’t intend to do two days with back-to-back blog posts about .UK, especially since I intend on buying zero .UK domains…but here we are, and it’s happening.

Today Jag Singh posted the following on Twitter:

Converting that to USD the final sale price comes out to $25,466. The domain sold through a marketplace focused on .UK domains that I honestly hadn’t heard of until today.

Looking at the site it seems that they have a lot of bidding activity on a whole range of .UK domains with names like already exceeding $5,000 USD.

One of my readers Snoopy, shared some interesting insights on .UK domains in the comment section yesterday:

The last sentence stuck with me. It’s not like .UK is new, it’s been out for five years and still .CO.UK seems to be the overwhelmingly popular choice. So why now would .UK become so valuable?

Looking on NameBio, the highest recorded .CO.UK domain is which went for $1.09M, followed by for $650,000. For .UK on the other hand, the highest recorded sale is $12,675. Why anyone would pay so much for the key word “campings” is actually baffling to me but the point is, today’s sale of was 2x the highest reported .UK sale.

My initial thought is that there’s too much hype about .UK and it’s causing people to do foolish things, i.e. overpay for domains that they’re never going to be able to sell for a profit.

That being said, as these sales continue it’s going to create a whole new set of comps, the question is – does that make a difference? I’m still staying away from .UK domains myself, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on the sales data because this is officially getting interesting.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton