From $75k purchase to $400k sale – another great flip from Braden Pollock

While NFTs have been all the rage lately, domain names continue to sell like crazy and budgets for meaningful one and two-word .COM domain names are the highest they’ve ever been. The reality is, as the world has gone digital, domains have only become more relevant, and just like the top NFTs sell for top dollar, so do the top domains.

I personally have always been focused on two-word .COMs when it comes to domain investing. While one-word .COMs tend to dominate when it comes to price tag, two-word .COMs have such a wide range and so much potential for serious ROI.

Of course, not all two-word .COMs are created equal, and having an eye for a truly valuable two-word .COM is something that takes quite a bit of skill. Like most domain names, a single “s” at the end of the word or “ed” can kill the value, so finding a real premium two-word .COM can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

Braden Pollock is a serial entrepreneur, active angel investor, and very successful domain investor – he’s been a mentor of mine in both the domain and business world and we’re proud to have him as an investor in Bold Metrics and on our board. In short – Braden’s awesome and when I learned about a recent domain flip he made I asked him if I could break the news, he said yes, and this is me breaking the news 🥳

So you know the punchline but you don’t know the name, so let’s get to the good stuff, and there’s double good stuff in this announcement. First the name, Braden purchased WorldClass(.)com for $75,000 and like the title of the post says, he flipped it for $400,000. That alone is pretty darn impressive. But what makes this sale even more interesting is the timeline – Braden’s total hold time for the domain was (drumroll please 🥁 ) – four and a half months. Yes, in less than five months Braden was able to book a $325,000 profit on a two-word .COM, and as many will say, a world class two-word .COM.

Executing a flip like this takes guts and takes real capital since $75,000 is no small sum to put into a domain investment. I think a lot of domain investors would have been thrilled to sell the domain for $150,000 and double their money in 4.5 months. Pricing at $400k might seem crazy to some people, but investors like Braden know how much names like these are worth and they aren’t afraid to ask for it. While it can be easy to want to just take the money when you get an offer, this is a great example of knowing the quality of the asset that you have and selling it for what it’s really worth.

There’s no doubt in my mind this domain will make a huge impact for whoever bought it, there’s only one WorldClass(.)com and they now own it – I can’t wait to see what they do with it. So congrats to Braden and congrats to the buyer, this really is a win-win 🎉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton