From $69 to $13,000 – Mike Mann Hits Another Home Run Domain Flip

We are lucky to be in an industry with so many incredible and talented people. One of the people I’ve always been very impressed with is Mike Mann. Mike is one of those people that has an intuitive feel for Domains and if you’ve ever had the chance to meet him in real life, he is a truly honest and inspirational person. Lately Mike Mann has been on fire making some killer sales and really pioneering domain brokerage in the .CO space.

The Domains broke some more exciting news from Mike today –, a domain name that he bought May 2nd of this year for $69 was just sold for $13,000. For those keeping score that is a 188x flip in roughly one month!

If I were to guess, I would think this domains was sold to the owner of, a China Tour company based in Southern California. Given how much money can be made booking a single tour this really is a win-win situation as the domain would definitely translate into much more than 13K worth of business for the tour company.


Great example of a really nice flip where Mike makes good money and an end-user/company gets a great domain that will help their business. Congrats to Mike, it’s been an amazing year for him and I know there’s even more great sales ahead!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton