From $59 purchase to $1,575 sale in a week with Jason Sheppard

If you don’t know Jason Sheppard yet, you’ll be hearing his name a lot more because he’s one of the rising stars in the domain investing world, and one heck of a kick ass DJ (we even made a song together). Jason does a great job of sharing his sales publicly on Twitter, and the most recent is a great one both for the ROI and the time between purchase and sale. Here’s the Tweet:

A few insights here:

  1. Brandable one and two-word .COMs have been all the rage over the last few years, and this is another great example of the kind of names that are available in the sub $100 range that are worth over $1,000 to an end-user.
  2. It’s okay to sell below your BIN. Sure, Jason could have waited a few months, or years, to get $5k, and maybe he would have gotten it. But now he locks in a 26x ROI and can take that money and re-invest it.
  3. Jason used a “for sale” landing page. I’ve said it before but I’ll said it again and again, you have a way better chance of selling a domain if it has a “for sale” landing page on it, period.

Congrats to Jason and good call on making the sale below BIN, it’s time for #SellThemWhenYouCan to start trending on Twitter!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton