From $2 to $6,800 with 尼康.世界

If you can’t read the domain name above, you’re not alone. That’s because in Chinese it means, it’s an IDN and the owner made over 300,000% with this deal. The buyer is Nikon according to the WHOIS record:


Now I’m not saying to rush out and buy every 世界 domain you can find. Instead I think this is an interesting data point and a sign that we are really still in the early days of domain names. These are very early sales, and in many cases a domain like this would end-up in a UDRP. I don’t recommend registering Trademark infringements so this is not the kind of purchase I would endorse.

Still, it’s an interesting data point, a new IDN with real interest from big brands. This is also a TLD that likely very few of you have heard of. I am currently not investing in this space as I don’t speak Chinese or know the market well enough, but investors in China are testing the markets and in this case, there was a nice reward.

Have you ever sold an IDN? What did you do to research and determine if it might be a good investment?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton