Have your next Slack conversation in Virtual Reality

We’ve been using Slack for over a year now, compared to things like Skype or Google Chat like we’ve used in the past there’s no comparison. It’s designed for businesses that need to communicate and keep things organized beyond simple direct messaging.


And now you can pull everyone into a VR meeting thanks to Altspace VR.

The integration installs a little bot within your Slack organization which gives you access to the /vrcall command. Type the command into any Slack channel, follow it with the name of the room you’d like to create, and the bot will automatically make the specified room and post the link into the chat instantly. (Source – RoadToVR.com)

Right now it’s still very early for VR Slack meetings to really catch on considering that everyone on the team would need their own VR goggles. Still, it’s the beginning of something that’s going to be completely normal a few years from now.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton