For the millionth time…domain age does not impact SEO, period

Every once in a while I hear someone talking about buying an aged domain so they can rank better in search. I usually jump in to let them know that this is probably one of the biggest myths in the SEO and domain world – it’s not true, and every SEO expert and even Google themselves have confirmed over, and over, and over again that domain age does nothing for SEO.

Well it looks like someone who still believe domain age matters hopped on Twitter to perpetuate the myth…and well, John Mueller from Google hopped in to say – sorry but you’re wrong. Here’s the tweet:

Domain Age and SEO

There’s also been a debate in the domain industry about the impact that domain age has on value…and many prominent domain investors have also come out to say that old domains aren’t worth more. The reality is, a lot of junk was registered back in 1996, 1997, 1998, etc.

Just because someone registered in 1996, doesn’t make it a “premium aged domain name.”

The reality is, you can’t compare domains to wine, they don’t get better with age. Instead, a crappy domain name from 1999 is still a crappy domain name in 2009.

So not only does domain age not increase value but as Google has verified a million times, it also doesn’t help with SEO. Let’s put these two myths to rest once and for all because they’re not helping anyone…except I guess people who own old crappy domains and want to sell them, sorry to screw it up for you if you’re in that category.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton