Flippa Sells $606,934 in Websites Last Week

The popular website sales marketplaces Flippa sold a whopping $606,934 in websites last week as the company continues to show the incredible demand for web businesses. This brings Flippa’s overall sales up to over 60 million dollars with 58% of websites being listed on the site selling in the last three months.


Along with having some absolutely stellar sales Flippa has continued to add some excellent power user features. My favorite new addition to the platform is the ability to search by Google Backlink criteria. As you probably know I’m a big fan of buying domain names and website with a solid backlink profile and Flippa has now made this even easier to do.

Below is a list of the top five sales over the past two weeks:

  1. GlobeTrooper.com – $75,000
  2. CompFight.com – $55,000
  3. Shipping-Container-Housing.com – $35,000
  4. LongtermCareLocators.com – $27,000
  5. Health and Weight Loss Website (URL Private) – $17,500

Flippa is really showing the incredible liquidity you can find when you build a real brand on your domains. Hats off to Flippa for continuing to innovate and grow in this space!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton