Flippa Friday: VeritasLegalWeb.com Sells On Flippa – No Revenue, No Traffic – Just a Good Idea

Good morning and welcome to another Flippa Friday! Today I have a very interesting website sale that shows what a website and a good idea can produce, even if you’re not the guy to turn that idea into a business. VertitasLegalWeb.com is a website that was created to provide legal services to people living in regions of the world with a lower cost of living with limited access to quality legal advice. The site has been populated with thirty contractors to start and was build on WordPress. Here’s the interesting thing, no traffic or revenue is being claimed, this is just an idea with a supporting website, and it sold on Flippa yesterday with a total of 30 bids from five different bidders.


This is not a very challenging site to build but it is a pretty good idea, however I think many people would probably say: “if it’s such a great idea why wouldn’t you actually run the business and try to generate traffic and revenue?” However it’s not a scam, the owner isn’t claiming the site gets tens of thousands of visitors or brings in big bucks, instead he is completely honest and claims no traffic or revenue in the listing.

In this case the site creator focused much more on the business model and researching the market than on actually building the business, he’s leaving that up to the buyer. Nobody buying this site is being mislead, they aren’t being sold a story that what they’re buying will just sit on autopilot and make money, instead they’re buying the foundations of a business. I thought this was a great example of how putting a website on a domain and having a great idea can turn into a sale without actually building the business yourself.

While many of us can easily setup WordPress and get something like this going for free, there are many people who don’t know how to do this but may know how to setup and run the business. It’s just another great example of how putting a quality website on a domain and marrying that with a great idea can make good money. In the end the Buyer got an online business they can run with and the seller got paid for their time and energy building the site and creating the foundations of what could be a very successful business.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton