Hop In The Time Machine With Me: The Internet ALMOST Before Online Advertising

Are you ready to hop in the time machine with me? It’s time to go back to the early days of the Internet, you know, the days where people didn’t believe in online advertising, it barley even existed. There were a few pioneers during this time and one of them was Kevin O’Connor the founder of Doubleclick. Since I’m a Domainer I’d also like to point-out that within our space people like the Castello Brothers were also pioneers selling direct advertising on their domains before companies even believed the Internet was going to take off. If you never saw my Interview with the Castello Brothers you should definitely watch it now.

I wanted to leave everyone with some inspiration going-into the weekend. My weekends are different from the weekends of my family and friends. Once a month we hit the road and go wine tasting on a weekend (we’ll be in Paso Robles wine tasting next weekend) and most other weekends Daina and I work our butts off on Xelot. When you’re building great software every minute of time counts and we absolutely love every minute of it. You’ll find us spending our weekends in our loft office, rocking-out to some great tunes, enjoying a 3:00PM beer, and making something we think the world will love.

Okay, I’m off topic, because I have a particular video I want to share with all of you to get you inspired, excited, or maybe just feeling old that it’s already 2011 and Internet advertising actually makes sense to most people. I watched a great interview today with Kevin O’Connor that I thought you would all enjoy, so grab a beer, sit back, relax, and hop in the time machine, we’re going back to the early days of the Internet:

Okay, now stop watching geeky videos on my blog, it’s Friday night! I hope you all had a great week and are ready for an awesome weekend, I know I am!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton