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After working on this software for most of the year, Daina and I are both very excited on getting closer and closer to launching Xelot. We’ve been doing private betas with active website flippers and so far the feedback has been great. Still we’re trying to do as much customer development as we can and that means getting feedback from as many potential customers as possible.

The core customer for Xelot is a website flipper, someone who actively buys and sells websites. This is not a tool intended for Domainers since there already is an awesome estimation tool out there – Estibot which we love and use ourselves just about every day! Xelot will not be doing what Estibot does or coming close to taking it’s place. Xelot is specifically targeted at people who actively buy and sell websites with traffic and revenue. So far our estimation system has been exceeding the expectations of ourselves and our beta testers, now we want to make sure the service as a whole does too!

I know that there is a diverse group of people that read my blog and I’d love to hear from those of you who actively buy and/or sell websites to help us make Xelot the best that it can be. Oh, and I’ll sweeten the deal a bit, you do have a chance of winning a $50 Amazon Gift card just for completing the survey. It takes about 30-seconds to complete so won’t take a lot of time and every piece of customer feedback we get is extremely helpful.

Since this survey is tied to a contest it ends tomorrow so if you want to give feedback – now is the time!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton