Flippa Friday – TestYourEnglish.net Sells for $18,500 on Flippa

Greeting and salutations from sunny Los Angeles and welcome to another edition of Flippa Friday! I flew back from Vancouver very early this morning and have been working like a mad-man all day on very little sleep, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. There were some great sales on Flippa this week of which TestYourEnglish.net, an established PR3 site with some nice revenue and profit sold for $18,500. Given that the site currently makes around $800/month on Adsense this is a 23x monthly sale which is right in the 20x-30x range that I usually price my own sites at.

Of course this wasn’t the only highlight as TheStudentLoanCenter.com sold for $22,000 with 26 bids, an amazing price for a site making around $1,700/month. Other highlights include ReplicaPower.com a three year-old ecommerce store that sold for $15,000 with a profit of $561/month yielding a nice 26x monthly revenue multiple.

Along with some nice sites selling on Flippa the domain name ViewMagnet.com sold for $15,000 with twenty bids two days ago showing that Flippa can mix a few domain sales into the action from time to time.

All and all a great week for Flippa and a major win for some lucky investors that got solid online businesses with existing traffic and revenue. At a time when the stock market and real estate are very hard to predict it’s nice to have a proven passive income stream. I hope all of you had a great week and are getting ready for a fun-filled weekend. It’s heating up here in LA and I’ll be rooting for the Lakers tomorrow and then heading to the Santa Barbara wine country for great wine and some much needed R&R!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton