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Small Business Saturday

I’ve been doing Small Business Saturday for some time now and somehow haven’t written a single post about For those who don’t know what this is, is the US Small Business Administration, a government resource for small businesses. If you haven’t visited this site it’s definitely worth a look. The easiest way to start is by simply entering your zip code and taking a look at small business resources in your local area.

Whether you are looking for more information about starting a small business in your area, or growing your existing business you might be surprised by the programs that the US government has to offer.

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While I myself have not used this site to try to raise money for my business, I have used it to learn more about running my business and ensuring that I’m following all the rules and taking advantage of any tax breaks, etc. that I might have been missing. When you’re running a small business it’s common to wear many hats which means that you’re not only the president, you’re also the CFO, COO, and much more.

So whether you are running a Domaining business or starting a flower-shop in your local area, make sure to get to know this site. The government is always looking for ways to create new jobs and make incentives for businesses to start in the US. You never know what you might uncover and at the very least being a more informed business-owner can help you make sure you’re running your business the right way.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Saturday night!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton