Flippa Friday: My Weekly Flippa Domain Picks


Watch-out now, Morgan is doing weekly domain picks! For years I have loved reading domain picks from some of my good buddies like Shane and Jason, and recently I have really enjoyed seeing Mark Hershiser hit the blogging scene, his blog has become one of my new favorites.

There’s enough people covering expired names and the domain marketplaces so I’m going to focus entirely on Flippa. While I’ve thought of Flippa mostly as a marketplace for selling websites, their domain business has really taken off. I personally like small lists so I’ll be keeping my lists small typically between 3-6 domains. Oh and if you want to feature a name of yours for free just shoot me an email. I’m happy to include a domain a month for anyone at absolutely no charge.

Pic.io ($1,350 – 7 days left) – this is an interesting one. We’ve all seen .IO names grow considerably in popularity over the last few years. With companies like Intercom.io raising $6M and sticking with a .IO domain it looks like the future is bright for this TLD.

Claims.info ($5,450 – 1 day left) – solid one-word .INFO names sell very well on Flippa and this is another great example and honestly a higher price than I thought I would see on this name.

Think.info ($214 – 4 days left) – I can’t figure-out why claims.info is over $5,000 and think.info is sitting there at $214. My only thought is that people are waiting until the last minute to bid this one up. Another great .info name and while it might not go for $5K I’d imagine it would still break $1,000.

GrowMarijuana.org ($700 – 2 days left) – it’s no secret that there’s a marijuana trend growing in the US. Love it or hate it, more and more people are smoking it, legally, which might take some getting used to. Not a bad price for a two-word .ORG domain with two days left to go, I’d see this hitting maybe $1,500 or so and I think I know what the site that will go on it will be about…

YouAreHere.com ($3,050 – 14 days left) – I’m not usually a big fan of three-word .COMs but this has to be one of the best 3W .COMs out there. I could see this going over $10K easily.

Last but not least, I do ask that people refrain from posting their own listing in the comments section. If you have a listing of you own you would like to promote please email me and I’ll happily include it in next week’s post.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton