A Few Things You Might Not Know About NamesCon


Got your attention? Good. The first NamesCon starts next week in Las Vegas and the buzz in the Domain Investing world has been growing in anticipation. You’ve probably read dozens of articles about NamesCon, you’ve looked at the schedule, booked your flights, booked your hotel, you know it all right?

Maybe. However today I pushed to get a little bit more for all of you and I wanted to share some of it with you tonight! Here’s a few other reasons why NamesCon is going to rock!

  • A new pre-conference session has been added on Monday where Ari Goldberger will be showing md.com and their development process
  • The head of the record label Planet Hype (signed Toderick Hall, American Idol finalist & Star of the viral Virgin America Safety video) – the video is amazing, if you haven’t seen it, watch it
  • The conference is now approaching 600 attendees, yes you heard that right, 600
  • NamesCon attendees come from over 75 countries around the world
  • Close to 100% of the domestic registrar market is going to be at the show

We leave for Vegas on Sunday. Can’t wait!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton