Even more on Afternic vs. Snapnames

A few months ago I started to post about my initial experiences with Afternic and Snapnames. I don’t want to declare a winner yet as I think you need a good year of data to really make any conclusions. I will say this; today I realized that I forgot my Snapnames account manager’s name, I had to search through some emails to find it! We haven’t talked in over a month, I’ve heard very little from him about my domains or how I could improve my listings/performance with his service.

Ted, on the other-hand, my account manager over at Afternic has a regular home in my email box. We email at least weekly and his number is in my cellphone. When I buy new names I email them to him and he quickly sends back suggested pricing and his opinion of the names. We have a phone call every few weeks as well to go over everything at a high-level. I feel like part of a team with Afternic and know that they’re actively watching my names and promoting them every opportunity they get.

After paying about $150 to transfer my domains to Snapnames’s registrar I’ve got radio silence from my account manager and little insight into how my domains are being promoted.

As always I will continue to share my honest, unbiased opinions about my experiences. Like I said at the beginning of this post; I’m not declaring a winner yet, but I think it’s nice to take a step back during a study and look at where you are. Right now I’m on a clear course with Afternic, Snapnames has left me wondering what they are doing to sell my names…

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton