DomainTools Gets Visual

DomainTools is the one singular tool that I use the most when it comes to researching people I want to buy domains from or who want to buy domains from me. While there are plenty of WHOIS tools out there DomainTools goes about a million steps further by providing what I like to call a swiss army knife of tools to do the deep research that you should be doing when you’re buying and selling domains.

While it can be easy to look at DomainTools as a website it’s important to remember that it’s a full scale company with an office full of people up in Seattle, Washington. You can learn more about the awesome team behind DomainTools here.

So this team of people is always looking for cool new features to add to DomainTools and as the world leader in domain name data they’re always pushing the limits of what has been done before. I was very excited to see a brand new visual way to view the DomainTools data thanks to a partnership with Malformity Labs. Malformity makes a product called Maltego which can now be used in conjunction with the DomainTools API to provide a turnkey solutions for enterprise customers looking for a better way to visualize some of the amazing data that DomainTools provides.

DomainTools Visualization

This tool is available immediately to enterprise customers and you can see a great demo video of it in action on their blog. Hat’s off to the whole team for another very cool addition and from what I can tell a brand new innovation in the space!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton