and DomainTools Partner: Taking Domain Escrow To The Next Level

Yesterday and DomainTools announced a new partnership that dramatically improves the domain escrow process. Using the DomainTools API, now has full access to WHOIS information making it possibly to verify a transfer faster than ever before.

So that’s the story, why should this matter to you, or why does it matter to me?

I use for any of my sales over $1,000. It is absolutely the most secure way to buy and sell domain names and in the case of end-user sales it adds a nice sense of safety to the buyer. Now that has access to the DomainTools data they can completely automate the verification process making it lightning fast.

Fast is good. If you are selling a domain, don’t you want your money as quickly as possible? Also, as the Buyer, don’t you want your money to be safe and secure until you have taken possession of the domain? It’s a win for both sides of the equation and both companies here.

This impacts you as a Domainer because it means you can now have quicker, even more secure transactions. I am also always a fan of taking something that is done manually, and automating it. Manual means that human error can be a factor, automated means that it is done perfectly, ever single time. No offense to humans of course, I’m an engineer though so I learned a while ago that computers always win!

Congratulations to both and DomainTools – this really is a win-win-win, Domainers win, end-users win, and these two companies win! Please feel free to comment with any questions or comments you have about the partnership or the domain escrow process!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton