Efty releases their sixth marketplace theme, and with it, a new approach that I think is pretty darn interesting

Efty just released their latest marketplace theme, Spinoza bringing the number of available theme options up to six. In their blog post about the new theme they also shared some interesting data that I thought was worth mentioning – Efty marketplaces are now seen by over 1 million people a month.

With Spinoza Efty also decided to try something new, rather than featuring a search box front-and-center on the landing page they now have two buttons. Here’s a closer look:

The idea here is that rather than prompting someone to search right away, you’re trying to get them to pick a path – look at domains, or reach out to you for help. Given that the “Get in touch” button is highlighted in white my guess is that it’s going to get more clicks.

I personally think this is a pretty interesting idea. Think about it – if you’re interacting with a buyer directly, you have the chance to ask them questions about their business, keywords they care about, budget, etc. You know your portfolio better than anyone so can now narrow it down to names you think uniquely match what the potential buyer is looking for.

The Spinoza theme also features a “Shortlist” option to allow potential buyers to favorite a domain and one feature I’m pretty jazzed about is a custom page option. This means that you can now add your own custom page that will show up in the navigation bar. I can think of a lot of creative things domain investors could do here like mention lease-to-own options or share other incentives that could make buyers who are on the fence move forward.

As always, I’m incredibly impressed with Efty, hats off to the team for continuing to release new themes, features and functionality, and all at no additional cost to Efty users. Efty – you rock!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton